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ParaDices "Six Cubes"


ParaDices - arcade logic puzzle game with a falling out on the board 6 cubes, that a player must be destroyed in exchange for game points.Rules:- Destroy arising on the dices - Get game points! (sets the dices side by side to the same point on the top).- Purpose of game - get as many points and to prevent the complete filling of diced playing field.- The more dices destroyed at the same time, the more points you get!
Cube goes exactly to the number of cells equal to the number of points on its upper face. Choose the dice to move, you click on it and then bust find the best route of its movement through the cells to the adjacent cube. The projection of the upper points of the cube on the cells of the field will help you find the best option. Сlick on the cube sends him on his way. Alternatively, you can click on the last cell constructed route cube.
Planned improvements:- Global World Leaderboard